If you want to spend your days at the beach, you have come to the right place.

From Agriturismo Le Vignacce you can quickly reach many of the most beautiful beaches on the Maremma coast and the Etruscan Riviera.

The so-called ‚bagni‘ are particularly suitable for families: well-maintained beaches with sunbeds, parasols, sanitary facilities and kiosks or restaurants.


Our little guide to the beaches in the area.

The town beach of Castiglioncello

Castiglioncello Town Beach is just 20 km from Le Vignacce on the edge of the magnificent town of Castiglioncello, the ‚Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea‘. Enjoy the sight of the town’s steep cliffs on this nestled beach while sticking your feet into the fine pebbles on the beach and cooling off in the clear water; enjoy pure relaxation.

The beach of Follonica

77 km from Le Vignacce is the beach of the town of Follonica, not far from the island of Elba. The former industrial town was once famous for iron crafts, but today attracts far more people with its white sandy beach and impresses with particularly clear water. The „Rimini of the Maremma“ also offers numerous opportunities for sailing or diving and the town is home to many farms where you can go horseback riding or play miniature golf, for example. An ideal place for families.

Marina di Bibbona

The seaside resort of Marina di Bibbona, about 33 km from Le Vignacce, is part of the town of Bibbona, whose early medieval fortifications still characterise the townscape today. Here, at one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Etruscan coast, you will find a beautiful white sandy beach with many dunes and both paid and freely accessible beach sections, all with the necessary infrastructure for a wonderful day at the beach. Highly recommended are the local restaurants, which will happily serve you local seafood and fish. Let yourself enjoy the sunset here!

Marina di Pisa

If you want to get a breath of beach air after a visit to Pisa, the nearby seaside resort of Pisa, which is around 30 km from Le Vignacce, is just the thing. Here you will find numerous bagni and good food to enjoy with a beautiful view.

The white beaches of Rosignano Solvay & Vada

The white beaches of Rosignano Solvay (15 km) and Vada (30 km) offer a special sight, where the white sand nestles against turquoise water in an impressive way. However, as the whole thing is the result of pollution from an adjacent industrial plant, one should leave it at the sight and rather not dive in, even if many locals can’t help it.


… ist Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini, der ca. 40 km von Le Vignacce entfernt liegende, breite Sandstrand mit seinen vielen Lidi, wo man sowohl kostenpflichtige als auch frei zugängliche Strandabschnitte findet, auf welchen man sich mit den Apuanischen Alpen im Hintergrund ein beeindruckendes Badeerlebnis gönnen kann.