If you want to spend your days at the beach you’ve come to the right place.

You can easily reach many of the most beautiful beaches of the coast of Maremma and the Etruscan Riviera from the Agriturismo Le Vignacce.

For families we highly recommend the so called “bagni”: Well-kept bathing establishments with sunbeds, sun umbrellas, sanitary facilities, and kiosks or restaurants.


Our small guide to the beaches in the region

Marina di Cecina / Cecina Mare

Cecina, which is located approximately 26 km from Le Vignacce south of Livorno, is especially well known for its district Cecina Mare, also known as Marina di Cecina. This part of town, located on the coast, captivates with a marvelous sand beach and exciting nightlife.

During the daytime you can find everything you could ask for on a beach holiday with the family. Aside from the beach experience there are numerous surf, sailing, and horse riding schools, many of which offer programs specifically tailored to the needs of children.

Those who prefer not paying for a place at the beach only have to go north to find free beaches right next to the local adjoining conservation area, where children, who want to get away from the sun, can experience adventure under pines in the adjoining forest.

The city beach of Castiglioncello

The city beach of Castiglioncello is located only approximately 20 km from Le Vignacce on the edge of this wonderful town, the “pearl of the Tyrrhenian sea”. Enjoy the sight of the steep cliffs while you swim at this enclosed beach and let your feet feel the fine pebbles and the clear water. Enjoy pure relaxation.

The beach of Follonica

Not far from the island Elba, approximately 77 km from Le Vignacce, you will find the beach of Follonica. While this former industrial city used to be famous for its iron craft today it mainly attracts people with its white sand beach and especially clear water. The “Rimini of the Maremma” also offers numerous opportunities for sailing and diving. If you are looking for something else there are also a lot of opportunities to play mini golf here. In any case: a wonderful place for families.

Marina di Bibbona

Marina di Bibbona, which is located approximately 33 km from Le Vignacce is a district of the city of Bibbona, which is to this day characterized by its pre-medieval fortification.Here, at one of the most popular bathing destinations of Tuscany, you will find beautiful white sand beaches and dunes and can choose between free beach sectors and those requiring a fee, which offer infrastructure for a wholesome beach experience. We highly recommend the local restaurants, which will gladly serve you the best local seafood and fish. Please enjoy.

Marina di Pisa

If you want to get a whiff of the sea after visiting the sites in Pisa we recommend you visit Marina di Pisa, which is located approximately 30 km from Le Vignacce. Here you will find numerous bagni and great food that you can enjoy with a wonderful view.

The white beaches of Rosignano Solvay & Vada

If you want to enjoy a special sight we recommend you take a look at the white beaches of Rosignano Solvay (15 km) and Vada (30 km), where the sand gently nestles itself to the turquoise water of the sea. Unfortunately, since the whole thing is the result of pollution we recommend you only take in the sight and avoid taking a swim, even if the locals just can’t let it be.


…is Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini, a wide sand beach with many lidi, located approximately 40 km from Le Vignacce. Here you can find free beach sectors as well as sectors requiring a fee and enjoy a swim with the Apuan Alps in the background. Definitely a special experience.